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H.O.P.E. is a transformation ministry.

H.O.P.E. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a six member Board of Directors. We help people experience a life transformation through their emotional pain so they can live the purpose-filled, victorious life God intended and designed them to live. We set people free from emotional bondage and empower them to live a transformed life.

We are a transformation ministry. We are not recovery, a 12 step program or counseling. Rather than help our members recover (and get back to the point they were prior to experiencing some painful experience) or overcome their pain just so they can feel better, we help people see their pain as an opportunity to grow beyond where they have ever been before. We help our members fully understand and grab a hold of the transforming power of Jesus Christ and empower them to go further and fulfill their God-ordained purpose. If you free people from their emotional bondage, they will be able to do just that. If not, we do not believe they will ever be able to fulfill the life God designed for them.

Our program is a Bible study format that was designed for those in pain. The program clearly and systematically teaches God’s principles and purpose for pain, His character and how He relates to us through our pain and how He can transform us through our pain, all the while exposing the lies that hold us in bondage in our pain and replacing them with the truth of God’s Word.

We designed our program for those in pain because the fact is that we all experience pain. No one is immune from the pain of life because life hurts. It hurts all of us. The statistics for people struggling with the pain of things like divorce, financial troubles, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, resentment, abuse of all kinds, loss of all kinds, addictions of all kinds, discouragement, frustration, illness, living without purpose and meaning, etc., are staggering. (See The Need.) Then, when you add in the damaging ways that people are trying to cope with their pain, the problems escalate even further.

But this is what we are out to change by starting a revolution! Our vision is to enact this revolution by effectively communicating the hope and healing power of Jesus Christ in a way that will transform lives throughout our country and the world.

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